Limerick's Newest Sport: Dragon Boat Paddling

A Breast Cancer Survivors, Family, Friends and Supporters Club.


 regaining health and fitness Offering 

Paddling, WALKING/NordicWalking & Aquatics


 We are a Sporting Club made up of Breast Cancer Survivors, Supporters and Friends. 

We welcome all adults to come and get involved

in Paddling, Walking/Nordic Walking or Aquatics.


Due to the current pandemic of Covi-19 we have postponed all activities for the following weeks.

We would like to remind you that the HSE website is the key source for health advice:

Covid19 poster

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We offer all of the above activities, we are delighted to open our doors and invite you to come along. Dragon Paddling, Walking and Aquatics are arranged different days of the week and at various times so you are sure to find one to suit you. This Spring  2020 we are looking forward to introducing more people into this new sport Dragon Paddling as well as Nordic Walking ,Due  Aquatics and Land Training. Applications for joining/tryouts are available  from the secretary Vidette 0874179916 


If you would like to join us or find out more about these activities you can contact us here This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.                                                               

Vidette  Paddling Sessions bookings/ Enquiry 0874179916

Brima  (Walking 3 Bridges Limerick City) 0863256336  

Trish: Nordic Walking Lymph Fit  (Nordic Walking)  0851136313

Alice O Farrell  Chairperson & PR Officer 0872204821

Members are now contacted by Teamer App for all paddling events



Our Supporters

   Sponsor OMC2018   img015 2




If you are living with Liymphedema and looking for a Manual Lymph drainage Massage Therapist you can contact Trish Sutton. Trish is also one of the first Helms trained up in the Limerick Dragons and she participated in the IBCPC Dragon Boat Festival, Florence 2018, along with 5 more Limerick Dragons. Contact 0851136313.

If your interested in learning to swim/develop your aquatic skills contact Orla Kaiser by clicking here  Waterzone Orla organises Swim lessons and Water Exercises for the Limerick Dragons. Orla is a founding member of the Limerick Dragons.